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iTunes library - back up
Reset Apple TV
Apple - My Apple ID
Apple ID-free
AiPod Troubleshooting Assistant-iPod Models
Fonts-Apple System
AirPort Base Station Resetting
AirPort Express frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Apple Legacy products
Apple - About Apple - Mailing Lists
AppleCare-All Mac Batteries
AppleCare-Crashing Print Center
AppleCare: NetInfo
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Apple Firmware updates for Intel-EFI and SMC Mac News, Mac Links
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Apple Manuals-Computer Repair Resources
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AppleSpec-Post Nov 97
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Apple - Support - Downloads
Apple - Support - Site Map
Apple Support Updates - email subscriptions
Apple Technical Specs-Legacy Products
Archive&Install-OS X 10.2
Battery calibration
Boot disk-Dual-Setup
Build" info in About this Mac
Change User Short Name
Codecs for Quicktime
Crossover cable-Which Macs need
Customer Installable Parts
Developer Reference Library
dotMac forgot password
Dot .Mac Login
Feedback to Apple on products
File sharing - OS X
Firewire booting-which Macs support it
Firmware password protection -Mac OS X 10.1 or up
FontCaches location
fsck and disk util for OS X maintenance
Genius appointments
Hardware compatible with OS X
Hard drive gone from Finder-Leopard
Mac OS X 10.5: Hard drive disappears from the Finder Last Modified on: February 20, 2008 Article: 307503 Issue or symptom A connected drive may not appear in the Finder, even though you can navigate to it via the Finder's Go menu. Products affected Mac OS X 10.5 or later Solution Open Terminal (located in /Applications/Utilities). In Terminal, type or paste this command on a single line: xattr -d (Leave a space at the end but do not press Return yet.) Append the path to the affected drive to the above command. For the startup volume, that path is "/". - For example, for the startup volume the entire command would be: xattr -d / - For a volume other than the startup volume, add "/Volumes/" and its name to the path. Remember to add a "\" character before any spaces. For example, if the affected volume is named "My Mac drive", the entire command would be: xattr -d /Volumes/My\ Mac\
iChat AV-Firewall Ports to Open
Identify your iMac-using UMC number
iDVD-No audio on finished DVD
iMac Models
iPod's battery indicator is approximate
iPod Five Rs debugging
iTunes library-how to recreate
iTunes: Moving your iTunes Music folder
iTunes Music folder-How to move
iTunes Music Store: Music you purchased doesn't play
Journaling on and off in Terminal
Kernel Panic: KB 106227
Keyboard Shortcuts OS X
Mac 101-Apple Support
MacBook Air, Mac mini: How to use Remote Disc to share DVDs or CDs from a Mac or Windows-based computer
the Finder, and select Remote Disc in the DEVICES sidebar list. You should see the computer that has DVD or C
Macintosh Products Guide
Network Browsing and Connected Servers-Mac OS 10.3
Mac won't start up in Mac OS X (0.3.9 or earlier)
Migration Assistant
Network Browsing and Connected Servers
Network troubleshoot KB
News Feeds- Apple RSS
Old OS downloads
Older Software Downloads
Open Firmware data
Open Firmware password
OS 8-9 compatibility-Mac models
OS 9: Available Updates
OS Versions with Mac models
Phishing-MobileMe-Identifying phishing email
PMU Reset on PowerBook and iBook
Ports-TCP and UDP-used by Apple sw products
PowerBook G3 models
PowerBook G4 Computers: Identify Different Models
PowerBook Power & Battery FAQ-1
PowerBook Power & Battery FAQ-2
Power Mac G4: How to Differentiate Between Models
PowerMac Manuals-KBase Doc 51132
Print Center Repair download-Apple
Print From Classic - How To
Print from Classic problem-tmp missing
Printer sharing with different versions OS X
QuickTime Development Resources
RAM configs-Power Macs
Recent Software Downloads
Reinstall OS X Prior Version
Resetting PMU-PowerBook and iBook
Restore Home Directory in OS X
Safe Mode-How to Start Up
Search Apple Support
Sys versions and Mac models: KB 25114
System Versions, builds included with PowerPC Macs (since 1998)
System Versions, builds included with Intel Macs
TCPdump-Saving a packet trace in Mac OS X
Technical Specifications-all portables
Technical Specifications-all desktops


Mixxer -free website for language exchanges via Skype
Learn Spanish-Fluencia

Distance Learning

Ed2Go-try VisBasic6
Khan Academy

Virtual Universities

Spectrum Virtual University!

Mature Driver Course
Shar Products-Music-MilesAnderson


Met Live La Jolla
Pixler photo editing
Hawkcam -- SSEC


Camping Reservations-ReserveAmerica
Federal recreation, camping, tour reservation info
Green Valley Falls-Cuyamaca
Lake Cuyamaca-Camping
National Park Service
Paso Picacho Campground-Cuyamaca

Internet Greeting Cards

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
Egreetings-Free Ecards
Jacquie Lawson cards
Paperless Post
Virtual Florist

2006 Italy by Thomas S. England
Aboriginal Art Online - Australian Aboriginal paintings, prints and pottery
Accordion Links homepage
Albino Blacksheep - Flash Movies-llama-more
Apple - Get a Mac - TV Ads
Audio Books
Bambi Vs. Godzilla
Birds of North America -
Bird Songs-Lucille
Birthday - Crappy
Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence
Bush Wedding -Smoking Gun
Cockatoo dancing
Color Test
Creature Comforts-Zoo animation
Dog Dancing-YouTube-Carolyn Scott & Rookie
Don Larson-Time Out of Mind
Dot game
EbaumsWorld-hilarious prank phone calls
E*TRADE-stock game
Expanding universe song
Fear-Jon Stewart
Fibonacci spirals-Adam
Fido Puzzle-Guess number
Food Network
Game-red square-Escapa!
GE-Smart Grid-Augmented Reality
Honey Walnut Prawns Recipe
I Can Has Cheezburger
iPhone, iPad in Paris David Hockne art
Jackson Pollack play site
Jigsaw puzzles
Kim Komando’s Video of the Day
Knitting-Walker & Daughter
Korean Dance - Amazing choreography
McCaleb - Muse and Verdigris
McCaleb-La Rumorosa
More Words-Word Games Crosswords
Movie Database Search [21312]
Movie Review Query Engine
Movie Showtimes - San Diego Google
Mushroom House
Mythology's MythingLinks-Water-Sacrality
National Geographic Magazine-Myshot and game
Native San Diego Plant Nurseries
NPR's All Songs Considered
OLD NEWS homepage
Panda Cam
Perfect Pitch
Secret Cowboys
Singing Sand Dunes
Sleep system-Pzizz
Solar System Planets and Night Sky
StumbleVideo-random videos
Talk to a Robot - Elbot - Artificial Intelligence?
Teddy Bear-Java Play
Thousand-Hand Bodhisattva Masterpiece Video
Typography Poem: speak with conviction
Words Without Borders
xkcd webcomic


Forgiven - Alcohol Metabolizer - Paul Grady
DEEP Processing
Vitacost Organic Beauty, Bath Products
Dena’s Fuel for Fitness-Vegan food
BorderlinePersonalityDisorder-Threesprings Therapy
Codependents group-Bryna
Honey & Cinnamon - -Natural Cure
McCaleb e-cigs:v2cigs
Rave Diet - Eric Barnes
RealAge - Health Tips
Vitamins - cheap

How To's

Fresh Start New User Account
JPEGs to Movies
Make Use Of - Tips
Accelerate Your Mac!
AirPort Extreme Base Stn: How to Reset
AirPort Extreme Base Station-n-Setup
AirPort Extreme: Getting an equivalent network password
AirPort: Joining an encrypted wireless network
AOL's IMAP & SMTP servers
Apple Remote Desktop 2: Remote config (kickstart)
Audio Video Conversions and Digitizing
Avery Label templates-Word and PDF
Boot Intel Macs from iPods and FW drives
Clean an Apple Pro keyboard
Convert text to graphic
Create Universal binary bootable disk
Customized DMG Container
DIY PowerBook, MacBook, & iBook Repair &
Dot Mac Servers-Homemade
Dry Creek Photo-ColorProfiles
Dual Boot Drive-PowerPC and Intel
DVD-What is DVD?
eMac: How to Replace the Backup Battery
eMailman(sm) -- Conversion
Encrypted Disk Image
Format an HFS+/NTFS/FAT32 external drive
FTP-Active vs. Passive FTP-Explained
How-To Anything - wikiHow
iClarified - Apple News and Tutorials
iMac: How To Force a Restart
Installing A SuperDrive in a G4
IMAP, Gmail, and Apple Mail-setup
IPNetRouter setup with cable
Intel-bootable HFS+/NTFS external drive
. Make the first partition HFS+ and the second partition as MS-DOS (FAT32), making sure you go into 'Options...' and check the GUID radio button (to make the HFS+ partition bootable on Intel). Then follow these steps to complete the process: Connect the hard drive to a Windows machine, and wait for the FAT32 partition to mount. Open My Computer and right-click the FAT32 partition and select Format. Format the partition with an NTFS filesystem.
iPhone Sync Settings
iPhone-Turn into wireless modem
Key Sequences at startup
Linksys Cable/DSL Router Help - Basics
MacFixIt (Home Page)
Monitor spanning-consumer iBooks
My First Mac - Help Buying and Getting Started with Your New Mac
O'Reilly: Learning the Mac OS X Terminal
O'Reilly: Setting up a Site Server OSX
Outlook Express (PC) emails into Mail
Outlook to Mac-Little Machines
Outlook-Win to Mac
Outlook to Entourage -Set up Router or Firewall
Remove CD drive bezel
Repair Mac
Safari 4 Tweaks Menu
Setting up a Switched Ethernet Network
Setup Assistant for new OS X Mac
Share Internet Connection on Mac Network
Slot loading iMac installation instructions
Special Characters on Mac
Upgrade old iMac to OS X-1
Upgrade old iMac to OS X-2
Video Converion-list
VHS to DVD-1
VHS to DVD-2
Video to DVD-MacWorld
VNC - reverse
YouTube downloads using Perian

Internet Resources

Calendar online: 30 boxes
Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

Doc Collaboration

Google Docs - All items

Free Services

MailBigFile | Send and Share Big Files
WHOIS Search | Network Solutions
VirusTotal - Virus, Malware & URL Scanner
Free Audio Books - LibriVox

Fax Services

Fax log on localhost
Faxaway Fax Service
Free Fax - Fax sending
Free Fax Services Guide
Free Internet Faxing

Surveys On Line

LimeSurvey Documentation-Online survey directions
Micropoll - Free Web Polls
Questionnaires-free 100 responses-Zoomerang
Surveys Online - Zoomerang - web surveys

Big Files-Store and Share-1
BRAVENET WEB SERVICES -Guestbook, Email Form Processor, Forum Server-
Copilot - remote assistance
DNS finder-NameBench
Drumbeat - internet file sharing
Dynamic DNS
DNS settings-OpenDNS - free scheduling on line
E-Mail Address Conversions-Interguru
Eudora Web-Mail
Font Identifier-by file upload
Font Identifier-by features
Fonts-Free- 6500 Free TTF Fonts
Free Email Address Directory
Free Internet Access Guide
Free Internet -
G-OO-org-WordPerfect translations
IP Address Locator
iTunes Art Database
JessupOrg Domain Redirect
Logins for sites-BugMeNot
Mail2Web-Check Email on The Web
Mailinator - Free email addresses IP
NotLong-small URLs
OCR online free
Online image / photo editor pixlr free
Password Generator
PDF to Word Converter
Phone Number-Alpha Calculator
Please Call My Phone
Proxy - Free Anonymous Proxy Server
Publish iCal calendars without .Mac
Read The Words
Road Runner Dial Access
Security Vulnerability Audit
Serial Number production db
Shields UP! — Single Port Probe
Shopping cart -Free- AgoraCart Agora.cgi free e-commerce cgi shopping carts. open source
ShoppingCart-Mal's e-commerce > djessup
SMS messaging-free
Spamgourmet - free disposable email addresses
Spam Stopper-SneakEmail
Stolen computer-Prey - Control Panel
Telephone conference calls
TinyURL Preview
Topica, Free Email List Services
Video downloader-ClipNabber
W3C CSS Validation Service
Weather Underground
Weebly-free website and blog
YAC - You're Always Connected
YouSendIt | Email large files quickly
Yuuguu-Instant screen sharing
Zamzar - Free PDF and Word conversion

Hosting Services Web Hosting
DomainDirect-Web Hosting
FatCow-Cheap and Good
Go Daddy Hosting
HostMonster - Web Hosting price and service
PagePlop web host web host
Point In Space Web Hosting Services
RR Help & Member Services
SiteGround-WebHost-Good, cheap web host web host
Tiger Technologies Web Hosting with Free Domain Name
VirtualEmpire hosting
Web Hosting and Free Domain Names - One World Hosting
ZoneEdit-Free DNS service

Lists of Mailing Lists

Liszt, the mailing list directory
Public List Archives-list servers


MTU fixes for Ethernet and Airport connections

Reference Works

Reference Queries Wombat
Apple Hardware Test downloads
Download the AHT for your computer model and use the contents to restore the /System/Library/CoreServices/.diagnostics folder, then reboot while holding d to start the diagnostic tools.
Acronym Finder
Apple Macintosh Systems @
Babelfish: Translations
Bartleby Dictionaries
CHROMiX ColorValet Custom ICC Profiles
Common Errors in English
Currency Exchange Rates (printer drivers, cdrom drive...
English Language Dictionaries
Facts and Reference
File Extension resource-DotWhat!?
o provide as much information on each file extension as possible and we encourage v
FILExt-File Extension Source
MAC Address Lookup and Search-Ethernet/Bluetooth
More Dictionaries
Proquest-Sue Daniels-ScholarlySearchEngine
Refdesk: reference, facts, news, free and family friendly
RxList-The Internet Drug Index
SYSTRAN - Translate text & Web Pages
Talk to a Human
Translations-Babelfish AltaVista
Urban Legends Reference Pages
Virtual Earth
Virus Hoaxes-F-Secure
Webopedia: Quick Reference Area
WhatIs - Chat Definitions - BRB reference site
Wikipedia, free encyclopedia
Wotzit's File Format Collection - Home Page

Speed Tests

Bandwidth-Bandwidth Place
Bandwidth-Giganews Newsgroups speed
Bandwidth Meter-CNET
broadband help » Testing your broadband connection
Broadband Speed Checker-UK - Speed test
M-Lab | Measurement Lab

Video downloaders-Google,YouTube

Video downloaders-KeepVid
Video downloaders-Vixy
Video downloaders-Videodl


Intellicast's Radar Loop for San Diego
Latest Satellite Imagery
National Weather Service - NWS San Diego
Weather forecast San Diego-NOAA

AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance
AOL's IMAP & SMTP servers-A Guide | Online file sharing
California Electrical Power Status
Care2 Environment-Sends notice when opened
Certificate checking - Set up browsers
CHP Traffic Incident Information Page
Discus labeling software
FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
Fax Service-Metrofax-Randy Singer
File conversion-Zamzar
FILExt - The File Extension Source
Firewalls-Open Door Networks
Hidden - Theft tracking software for Mac
Internet Time Service-NIST
Internet Traffic Report
IP Address display
ISP Buyer's Guide--The List
Java Tester - What Version of Java Are You Running?
Mac E-Mail Resource Page
My Way
Port numbers
Remote assistance-Copilot
Reverse phone lookup
Satellite internet-Skycasters
Scribd-huge document repository
Search Engine Watch: Tips
Sex Offender National Registry
Shields UP! — Internet Vulnerability Profiling
Symantec Security Response-Viruses
Text Messaging, Chat Abbreviations
Time-official U.S. time
Urban Legends Reference-Snopes
USTREAM, Live streaming
VNC Port Forwarding-and a test
WebEx-Video Conferencing
WiFi Hot Spots and How To Find Them
Wireless access points worldwide
Wireless Internet Access Locations
World Clock - Fixed Time - setup
World Time Zone


Email Text Messages to cell phones
Dragon Dictation tips
iPhone App Reviews-Macworld
Please Call My Phone
Ringtone Maker-free
Splashtop-iPhone/Pad remote


Buddhist-Right View: samma ditthi
Consulting Rates Sample - high-tech jobs
Escape From America Magazine consultants
Monster job search site

Kids Sites
Cool math 4 kids
Kid's Domain
KidZui, Internet For Kids-Iceland friend of French neighbor
King Lab Magnet School- Internet Resources
Lissa Explains it All--HTML Help for Kids

Mac Hardware

Selling a Mac - prepare it for sale
Fantom Hard Drives
Hard Drive Reliability Study - 2014
etween the end of the last study and December 31, 2014 was posted today.
Keyboard-Typing Special Characters-Macintosh Keyboard of all Macs by criteria


CD-Recordable FAQ
Drive Compatibility DB

Cell Phones as Modems

BatteryTech-for computers & electronics
Mac CellPhone-Ross Barkman's
Mac Cell Phone-Yahoo - images, ringtones
Mobile Phone scripts


Stylus Touch Pen for Apple iPad iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS & iPod Touch (Black)


Apps for iPhone-Gismodo
Batteries - maximize life
Bookmarklets for iPhone
iPhone forums at EverythingiCafe
iPhone, iCal, and Google Calendar-3-way sync

Laser Printers Fixing

Do-It-Yourself InkJet and Laser Printer Repair -

Mac Repair

DTT-Mac Repair Service -Mac repair center
Mac Parts, Mac Repair, Mac Upgrades
Microdoc-Mac Parts and Repair
PowerBook FixIt Guide
PowerBook lamps
PowerBook Medic with Service Manuals
PowerBook Parts and Repairs
RepairClinic-Online Appliance Parts & Help
TechRestore-Overnight Mac Laptop and iPod Repair

Modem info

56K.COM - Other modem init strings?
56K.COM - V.90, K56flex, and x2 56K Modem Page
ABRODY's Modem Scripts for OT
Modem help, init strings, drivers
Modem Performance
Modem Scripts for Apple modems
Modem Speed Test Page
Network Hardware-BlackBox
USB modem - Good

AC Adapter for PowerBook/iBook
Accelerate Your Mac-G3 IDE drive
Accelerate Your Mac-HD Compatibility DB
Airport Extreme and Express Printer Compatibility List
Batteries Plus - replace UPS batteries
Booster antenna for WiFi
Cables and Adapters
Cables-Triangle high-quality
Classic Capability - chart of which Macs
Computer hardware poster - drive enclosures
Digi-Key Electronic Components
Drive Adapter-Universal-Newer Technology
Electronic Components-Mouser Specs
Extended Desktop for laptop
File Transfer Cable-Targus High-Speed
FireWire 400 to 800 Adapter
G5 Hard Drive Heat Cooling Tip
Griffin Technology Home Page
Hard Drive, CD/DVD ROM Compatibility DB
HD SC Setup 7.3.5 - patching
iChatUSBCam-video enabler
iMac Systems identified
Installing HD and RAM-OWC
Installs on Mac laptops
iPod Rescue
iPod stuff
Jumper blocks for processor upgrade
Mac Buyer's Guide: Know When to Buy Your Mac, iPod or iPhone
MacMini-Deconstructing Mini
Mac Model Profiles
Matias Keyboard and Mouse
Microphone-Sonystyle_One-Point Stereo
Mics and Webcams-Blue
Modems-USRobotics 56K USB
Monitor compatibility G4-ports
NewerTech-Voyager Q Hard Drive Dock
Network Solutions
PowerBook Parts
PowerStrip Liberator
Printer ink refills and Inkjet Ink-Printer Filling Station
Printer Test Reports by Manufacturer
QuickerTek - Wireless Networking Products
Reseller Ratings
Router Help - Basics-Cable/DSL setup
Router Reviews

Satellite modem on Mac


Serial Number data-Macs
Speech Recognition HW & SW
Speed Tests for Performance-BareFeats
Universal Drive Adapter NewerTech USB 2.0
UPS capacity calculator - 2
USB file transfer-Targus
USB-To-Ethernet Adaptor drivers

Mac-Oriented Sites

Mac Tech Support
iCloud: Mail server information
Server) information:



Access PC Windows 7 Files From Mac OS X Lion | Mac OS X
App Compatibility Table - RoaringApps
Clean install of Lion
Lion-Add colors back to iTunes 10
Lion-Change iCal and Address Book Skins
Shortcuts for navigating the computer

Low-End Macs

Network between classic Mac OS and OS X
Old Mac Software Downloads

OS 8.5 and 9.x




Appletalk gone in Snow Leopard, use IP printers
Clone the Leopard Install DVD to external FireWire drive
Dock-Retore old OS X 10.4 look
Entourage and Time Machine
How to clone the Leopard Install DVD to an external FireWire drive | MacFixIt - CNET Reviews
Incompatible apps with Leopard - Mac Guides
Leopard-add web server in Leopard
Printer sharing with different versions of OS X
Printers-Scanners compatible-SnowLeopard
Quick Look and Inspector
Reset Leopard back to the Setup Assistant
Snow Leopard Compatibility list
Time Machine backups on NAS disk
Time Machine - Reconnect backup after drive swap
essary). In Disk Utility, select the target disk (which must have been partitioned so your Mac can actually boot from it!), click Restore, drag the target partition to the Target field, and the old partition to the Source field. Don't forget to select Erase Destination, or it will in fact just make a file copy. Progress will then be shown as copying blocks instead of copying files.
Troubleshoot Office with Snow Leopard
se are some of the items disabled on safe boot:) Disables all fonts other than those in /System/Library/Fonts


Dashboard-Detach widgets
Fans in Tiger on G5-Reset SMU
Font Caches corrupted-SPOD
Spotlight-index excluded directories
Spotlight Query Expression Syntax
Tiger Details-New features
Tiger included print drivers
Tiger Tips-Fun
Backup for OS X
Blob - 10.3-Enable floating Exposé blob
Bootable CD in Mac OS X
Common UNIX Printing System
CUPS config page
CUPS printing hints on Jaguar
Date-Add to the menubar
Fink - Home
Fonts Mac OS X, fonthandling
GIMP Homepage
How to Reinstall Mac OS 9 or Recover From a Software Restore
Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1 [Dec. 06, 2002]
Mac OS X Hints - Get the most from X!
Mac OS X Hints-Recreate the OS 9 desktop
Mac OS X Terminal tutorial-1
Mac OS X Terminal tutorial-2
Macworld: Panther Secrets Declassified
Network Browsing and Connected Servers-About
O'Reilly Network: Create OS X Mail acct
O'Reilly Network: Learning Terminal
OSXFAQ-Learning Terminal
OS X Icons - Iconfactory
OS X Key Sequences
OS X-list of Cocoa apps
PrintDriver-HPIJS for Mac OS X
Sharing OS X with other OSes


MacNN Review

Why Apple?

Mac OS X vs. Windows XP
Macs Are More Expensive, Right?
Macs Are Slower, Right?

3 Ways to Run Classic on an Intel Mac
ere was a transition from the classic line of Mac operating systems to the Unix-derived OS X family. And now Apple has released the first models powered by Intel CPUs, with promises that the whole product-line will be Intel-powered by the end of 2006. While each transition has ultimately been good for users, each time there's been a rough period as software had to catch up with the new hardware. Early adopters of PowerPC-based Macs had to run software designed for the earlier models; it would run on the Power Macs, but at nothing like the speed those models were capable of. If OS X users need to run software designed for pre-OS X Mac operating systems, they can launch Classic-mode; a window running Mac OS 9.2.x on their OS X desktop. It's a bit awkward, but it works - at least most of the time. Owners of the new Intel-powered Macs are hit with a double whammy. OS X had to be rewritten to run on this very different processor family, and to get best performance applic
Accelerate Your Macintosh!
Address Book Exporter - Export Address Book info to a tab-delimited file
Apple Specs - EveryMac
Attorney's Toolbox-Randy Singer
Evolution of Apple Design-1977-2008 - Top 100 Links
Font Management in OS X
system is kept to a minimum in the effort to make sure you will never have a conflict with the fonts a client sends with their project. Actually, the prepress and full service printers I've worked and freelanced for usually have a much shorter list than even those presented here. Usually the barest minimum of Lucida Grande, Last Resort and Keyboard. Such shops normally have no superfluous software installed on their work stations; just what's needed to get production work done, and that's it. That's all well and good in a way, but browsing the web becomes atrocious since you would then be missing many fonts very commonly used on the web, such as Arial, Tahoma, Times, etc. Your browser ends up substituting the missing fonts with whatever's on hand. In short, web pages display so badly at times, it can be difficult to even impossible to navigate them. You are then also missing many fonts that the Apple supplied applications require to operate. So for the typical user, having only the "big three" fonts on your
iTunes Sharing-MacObserver
Mac Efficiency-for beginners
MacNN-Macintosh News Network
Mac Observer-Daily Mac news
Mac Orchard-Mac Internet Software
MacPiCkS-Mac links
Mac Rumors
Mac Specs, Prices, Answers-EveryMac
MacSurfer's Headline News»
Mac tips - Russ Brown
MacTips from The Macintosh Guy
MacToolbox resource site
Microsoft Mactopia
Move to Mac-Data from PC to Mac
My First Mac-Help Getting Started with New Mac
Older Mac OS downloads
Take Control Ebooks: The Answers You Need Now
Tech Explanations-Daring Fireball

Mac Troubleshooting

Mac Slowdown Solutions-Randy Singer
Sugru moldable glue
MacKeeper uninstall
Reset Mac's NVRAM, PRAM, and SMC

Snow Leopard

Bach Updater for Snow Leopard
Bash Update Installer for Snow Leopard | hacksagogo

Time Machine - Troubleshooting

OS X troubleshooting

Fix your Mac | Apple Support Communities

Apps using Java
Flashback trojan - MacWorld article
Flashback Malware-Tidbits article


Leopard: Incompatibilities

50 Common Mac Problems Solved-MacLife
ACL permissions fix-Xnation
t Utility on the Mac OS X Installation Disc allows you to do this only within the home directory of a user. ACL Fix is useful for example when you install Mac OS X using the Archive and Install option, and want to delete the ACL from
Apple Macbook, iBook, Powerbook Service Manual Repair Guides
Applications quit or fail to launch
Boot Intel Macs from FireWire drives
Create a single Universal binary bootable disk
Dead Drive Recover-ddrescue-MacOSHints's Usenet Discussion Service
EPSON - Drivers & Support
EveryMac-Mac Specs, Prices, Answers
Firmware for repeated dropouts Airport Extreme
Fixamac Software
Freeing space on OS X boot disk
Hardware Test-Apple
Help Viewer Troubleshooting
IFixit-DIY Mac & iPod Repair
Isolating issues in Mac OS X
Kernel Panics-Resolving
Key Sequences-Magical Macintosh
LaunchServices database-How to rebuild
MacFixIt - CNET Reviews
Mac OS X app will not launch-MacFixIt
MacService-Mac and PC Laptop Repair
MacSurfer-see bottom of page
Mail-Troubleshooting crashes and hang-MacFixIt
Microdoc-Mac Parts and Repair
OS X 10.3.9-Troubleshooting
PowerBook, MacBook, & iBook DIY repair
RAM insufficient-problems
Randy Singer OS X Jaguar Solutions
Randy Singer OS X Panther Solutions
Randy Singer Maint & Troubleshoot
Rechargeable Battery Service-Primecell
Recover erased files-TestDisk and Photorecover
Routine Maintenance-Macworld
Startup issue in Mac OS X 10.3.9 : Troubleshooting
Trackpad (and mouse) tracking speed-Increase
Trash Problems-Solving
Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.4.3=MacFixIt


ATPM - About This Particular Macintosh
MacInTouch Home Page
MacNN-Apple, iPod, Mac news
MacTech Magazine
Macworld Online
Macworld: Reviews
Salon Magazine
Skeptic Magazine


KeepVid: Download YouTube Videos etc


Ace of Space Graphics
Blue Sky Heart Graphics
Desktop Pix-ATPM About This Particular Mac
DevilDucky-Interactive Flash and Funny Videos
Free Clipart, Graphics, Photos, Templates :
Halloween Clip Art - Pumpkins
Iconfactory: Quality Freeware Icons
jAlbum - Free photo album software
NOVICA-Nat'l Geog-worldwide artists
Paris by night-Panorama
Xicons - Mac OS X Icons


BBC Music - live
Classical-Music Downloads
Classical music-Listen free
Classical-Classic Cat
Joyce DiDonato-mezzo soprano
Darius and Dave Brubeck cuts
I'm Not Lisa
Internet Archive: Free Movies, Music, Books & Wayback Machine
Internet Jukebox-Playa Cofi
Jukebox-old pop music - Music by favorite artist
Mac Music-Audio, MIDI & music
Mudcat Cafe
Music Software-Macintosh
NPR 100 best songs
Pandora Radio-Your own styles
Rhino Handmade - Collectible Music And Video Creations


1360 KLSD - Leigh recommend-RandiRhodes
BBC Radio Player - live stream
BBC Schedule
Free Internet Radio
Jango - Internet Radio for Firefox
KFJC 89.7 FM-good jazz
Live365 - Radio Revolution
Mike Live Radio-fromAriel
Pandora Internet Radio-Find New Music, Listen
Radio Stations-Icecast-MP3s
Radio Stations-SHOUTcast
Radio Stations-Live365
Radio Stations-vTuner
XLNC1 Radio 104.9 - Classical Music - Free Download PDF
Adam Christianson PodCast
Audiobooks-Creating-Mac Guides
California Gardens
Dailymotion - Share Your Videos
DevilDucky - Interactive Flash and Funny Videos
Didgeridoo - Australian Aboriginal
Digital Pictures to digital frame
Flash Player security settings panel
Flickr! photos
Irish Fairy Tales-:Lucille
Jing Project
King of Ireland's Son by Padraic Colum
Parcour - David Belle
Perfect Posters - Photo and Poster Printing from your digital files
PRINCE PRIGIO-Kid book from Lucille
ReelGeezers-movie reviews
Scanning, Photos, Negative etc.-cheap
SDPL Digital Media Library
Shazam-iPhone Music Recognizer
TV Listings Guide and TV Schedule - Zap2it
VDoogle-Shared Video Search! Downloads - What is DVD?
Vimeo-video sharing

Microsoft stuff

Windows-Mac Issues

Accessing a Airport Network with Windows XP
Macintosh-Windows integration
Networking Windows with OS X
Print to Mac-connected USB printer from Windows
Services in Win-turning off
Share Files from OS X to PCs
w to enable it and then how to connect to a shared Mac from a networked Windows PC.
Share USB printer from OS X to Windows
Switching to a Mac from PC-Lifehacker
Windows-Mac File Sharing
Windows-MacOS Cooperation List FAQ

Entourage and Time Machine-Alternative Method
Entourage and Time Machine
Entourage errors
Entourage Help Blog-Diane Ross
Entourage Help Page
Entourage-Corrupt Database Fixes
Microsoft Windows
Office 2008 - Remove
Office 2008 - Successful install
Office 2008 -Transition to AppleScript
Office Mac Snow Leopard Troubleshoot
Office X updaters
Print from WinXP to printer on Airport Extreme
Products for Mac
Remove Office key
bove methods do not work) Delete these two files on one of the machines:
SuperDuper script to quit MS apps
Sync Entourage & AB Groups
VBA to AppleScript Transition Guide
Word Templates: Resumes


Amos-Horrigan-Navajo-Mojo Workin'
Apple Giving Design A Bad Name
Everplans-Store estate data on line
Power Verbs for Resumes
Asking for computer help & similar
ion...". Nothing will p;ss off your helper more! Always include FULL details of what you already tried. In short, plan your report and question carefully; check for mistakes before you click "Send"; make it easy to understand. It may be easier if you type it in a simple text editor first, check it, save a copy, then paste it into the email or forum message window.
Markim Pet Resort-Camp Run-a-Muck-Ticho
Markim Pet Resort -- Ticho - Carmel Valley


Classics 4 Kids


NC CERT SD | Google Groups

Junk Catalogs

Catalog Choice
Opt Out - Protect Your Identity
Do Not Mail

Peace Corps

YouTube - Peace Corps
Twitter-Peace Corps
Facebook-Peace Corps

Top 5 Myths About America
California Wolf Center - Bryna
Colbert-Bush Roast
FCC Consumer Complaints
Real Clear Politics - RCP
Second Chance -- Celebrating 10 Years of Success 1993-2003
UC Golden


California Heartland - Gardening TV
HydrogenPeroxide:Guardian of Eden h2o2
Wood Prairie Farm-Organic Farm in Maine


Avery label templates
Bags Unlimited
Beyond Belief 2006
Buddhist Temple SD
CD label templates
Christopher Elbow Chocolates - Regina Gift
Clickertraining birds
Contractors State License Board
Cultures of the Andes: Quechua...
Deck Building Designs using Kwikdek
DVD Blank Media Quality Guide
DVD Blank Media Quality Guide-list
Font Garden | Download free fonts
Foodstuff, San Diego blog
Free Clip Art Island
Happiness-Authentic Happiness-Questionnaires
Hoarders - A&E TV
How Stuff Works!
InterfaceDesign-JaneWhite Ref
Scan My Photos: pay just 12¢ per photo scan
ScanCafe - Photo Scanning, Negative Scanning, Slide Scanning, Video Transfer, Photo Restoration
LiveNet San Diego BayCam
Magnification in Finder
Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Outrageous RugsMcCaleb
Pet Care- Bryna
Powerball Gyroscope-exercise shoulder?
Project Implicit-hidden attitudes
Rainfall-San Diego-National Weather Service
Science and Computing Links
Scn-an Introduction Photo Stamps
Tag Clouds - Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
Thomas Jefferson Hour - Pubic radio
Urban legends and hoaxes-Snopes
Virus Annoucements-Symantec
Weather-San Diego comparisons Online Videos-SuzyTicho
Yahoo! Broadcast


AAA discounts
Amazon price tracker-camelcamelcamel


Auction at uBid
Craigslist-San Diego
Craigslist-San Francisco
eBay - Your Personal Trading Community
Fat Fingers-eBay typos-spelling mistakes
Yahoo! Auctions


Draper's and Damon's - Classic apparel in Petites


About Coins
Coin Grades

Computer deals

Monoprice-accesssories and cables

Hard Disks

External Hard Drive -
FW Enclosure - 1
Hard Drive Enclosure-Sapphire-Cheap
HD Enclosure-PCMicroStore
Hitachi Enterprise-Class HD
Macally FireWire/USB2.0 Storage Enclosure-3.5-Inch SATA
Memory Express Computer Products Inc. - Canada's Source for Computers, Laptops, Monitors & more...
Other World Computing- Firewire drive
OWC Mercury On-The-Go 2.5" FW800/USB2.0 Enclosure

Hardware resellers

BUY.COM - The Internet Superstore
Dr. Bott LLC, Mac and iPod stuff
ExperCom - Cheap good Macs Computer Hardware
Mac Hardware Sales and Info
Macintosh Dealers, Parts & Service
Monoprice - computers and electronics
Other World Computing
PCMicroStore, New & Refurbished-TAX FREE |
Rosewill-Computer Case, Accessories, Networking, Peripherals
Shreve Systems-Mac Parts and CPUs
Small Dog Electronics
Store for Macintosh

Printing and Printers

Brother-HL-5370DW-wireless duplex laser
Databazaar-Vince Sabio Printer Supplies
EPSON America-clearance items
Epson inkjet cartridges, Canon inkjet cartridges, apple, brother, xerox inkjet cartridges, low discount prices
Epson Stylus Photo R800 inkjet refills-FillServ
Inkjet Cartridges
Inkjet cartridges
Ink-eforcity-Randy Singer
Meritline-Toner-Randy Singer
Paper and Canvas for inkjets-BreathingColor
Printer ink, cheap-Randy Singer
Think4inc - Mom recommends


Crucial Memory
DataMem-Mac RAM & Accessories
MacSales-buy back original RAM
Memory X - RAM
RAM Sales-Coast to Coast Memory
Ramseeker - macintosh ram prices

Used Macs

Mac2Sell - Resale values for Mac gear
Baucom Computers - A Used Mac Outlet
Gainsaver -used Macs
Mac of All Trades-used Macs
Other World Computing
Parts and service for iBooks, and all Mac Powerbooks
PowerMax Computers-Used, New Macs
Shreve Systems 800-227-3971

Academic Superstore:
Apple Refurbs
Batteries for Apple laptops
Batteries for laptops-Newer Tech
Cables-best source
CDR DVD Online Store
CNET Shopper: Computer stuff
Computer and audio cables - Discount gear in Oceanside
Connectivity-Cable Assemblies, Adapters, Connectors etc
Dealmac. News on Macintosh prices. the lowest prices and coupons - Deep Discounts Direct!
Drive Dock - Newer Technologies
DVD-R drives for Mac-Pioneer
Eforcity - Cell Phone Accessories, printing supplies
EveryMac-Specs, Prices, Answers
ExperCom - Power Mac G5 1.8GHz 512/160G/SuperDrive
FatWallet - Free Coupons, Cash Back and Shopping Reviews
iWon Money & Investing
LowEndMac-computer swapping
Meritline-Supplies-CD,ink,accessories, Peripherals, etc
PowerMax-Used, New & Refurbished Macs-tax free
Price Watch-Street Price Search
Qualcomm Apple Store (U.S.)
SD Card Speed Test
Shopzilla-compare prices
UPS - TrippLite
WeirdStuff Warehouse

Coupons Online

Get1Free - local coupons

Digital Cameras & Projectors

B&H Photo-New York
DCR-Digital Camera Resource
Digital Camera Resource Page
Digital Camera Reviews
Steve's Digicams - Main Menu
Tony digital frame Kodak EasyShare SV811

Finance and Stocks

Ameritrade-WasThinkOrSwim online brokers health for college grad
Morningstar Stocks
My Netscape - dalyjessupusa
Retire Early Home Page.
thinkorswim-online stock investing-Seidel
TRPrice-Retirement Plans @ Work


Consumer Reports
iLounge-iPod, iPhone, iTunes reviews
MacReviewZone - Mac hardware and software
mySimon: Comparison shopping
Removable Storage-eOpinions Reviews
Yelp-San Diego - reviews of everything

Social Security

Social Security-Personal Finance

AppleCare cheap
B and H PhotoVideo
Bartering Websites - Money Crashers
Batteries-Thomas Distributing Price Comparison Shopping
DVD Media Quality
Book & Video Buys
Bottom Line Telecommunications
Cables-cheap and good
Cables-cheap and good
CD-R media - highest quality medical
Cell Phone Scoop
Clothes For Women-Coldwater Creek
Cutlery-Heimerdinger-high quality-got scissors Products, Prices
Dream Home Source - Home Plans
Evaluations of Resellers
FreeCycle-San Diego
Froogle-cheap prices
Gas Prices US gadgets
G5 Jive-Internal Drive Mounting System-Sonnet
J&R Music, Computers, Audio, Video, Electronics
Macworld - Price Comparison
Missing Money - Cables and Accessories cheap
Oriental carpets - Bonnie Bowman link
Pam Jessup wallet-Col Hahn
Powell's Books-Used Books, Rare Books, New Books
Prices on old Macs
Real Estate selling-estimates-Krunching
Region-Free CD/DVD recorder
Region Free DVD Players
Rental Rates-Rentometer
Rental Rates-Zilpy
Stock Charts - ADBE
ThinkOrSwim-Seidel Qualty & cheap-Randy Singer
VOIP Phone - Ooma
Yard Sale Treasure Map

Online Communities and Groups

Mac-L Discussion List
Mac-L Discussion List


SDCS Board


iTecSD schedule
San Diego Macintosh User Group

Boston Computer Society
Digital Photography Review Forum
FMPRO-L list
FrameMaker Yahoo Group
Google Groups
IOMUG-Yahoo! Groups
IOMUG at Yahoo! Groups-MyPrefs
KPLUG — Linux user group
Lists at The Macintosh Guy
Low-End Mac Swap List
Macintosh Guy-Discussion Lists
Mac-L Clio Listmom Cartel-Facebook
Mac-Mgrs Home Page
MacVoice Email List
Oreillynet user group-MacRogues On-line Only User Group
PDA street forums
San Diego Freecycle: CafeSanDiego
Third Age!
TidBITS Account Help
TidBITS Web Page
Topica Email List Directory
XSO - Yahoo Groups
Yahoo! Groups : My Groups

Palm Pilot Stuff

Palm devices site
PalmGear H.Q.!
PalmPilot page and list
PDA street forums

Personal and Friends

Grace-The Wolftones (Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford)
Clothing - StitchFlix
Ana Warren - Earthlink
Gabriel Warren - Sculptor


Google Calendar-adajessup - Adajessup web host
Webmail - daly adajessup

Amos Seektech Job
Andrew Calhoun-Waterbug
AnnieKolls-ScuzBums site
Ariel DinkeyOne
Ariel-The Planets
ArielTrumpet-Montclair Women's Big Band
AT&T Premier-iPhone bills
BertSalzman Book
Bert Salzman career
Bert Salzman-YouTube-Meditations
Brubeck house in France
Bruce Murdoch
California Native Plant Society
California Native Plant Society-Sources for Native Plants
CaringBridge-Ann Frank
David Craig home page
David Craig work page
Diana Amsden website
Dolice-artist we own
Dolice gallery-sell our art
Doug Parent Band
Emigrant Direct Savings
Facebook-Selby, Sheyna
Fax Log in Panther
Fax Log-Jobs in Localhost
Fax log in Tiger
Fernando hospital photo
Google Analytics
Google Calendar
IngoSwann-Biomind Superpowers
Judy Schavrien-college roommate
Lucille Gpa-Thomas MacDonagh wiki
Lucille Heatseeker Blog
Lucille LiveJournal
Makeup-Bare Essentials - Marion Schultz
Mark & Spencer clothes
McCaleb Dance Home Page
Michael Swaim-Anonymous
Michael Swaim-TomCruise
PersonalPage-Netvibes (28)
PeterNiiler-article about ocean currents
Pinchot & Company
Printers-Fax on localhost
Qualcomm home login
Qualcomm Mail - Outlook Web Access Light
Qualcomm Secure Access SSL VPN
RoadRunner Member Services
Roadrunner Webmail
Roman Rudnytsky
Scientology-Operation Clambake
Seiflein Journal
Soc Sec retirement calculator
Tom Magneson
Tony Jessup's Art
Villasenor-Snow Goose Thanksgiving
Warren-Gabe:Northern Ice 2001
Yahoo! signin

Programming & Networking

W3Schools Web Tutorials


Apple AppleScript Overview
MacScripter / Quick Guide to unScripted Articles


MacScripter / Automator
Automator - Downloads


Weebly-Free website and blog Blog


CGI City - One of the biggest WWW Resources for CGI and Perl materials.
CGI Free!
CGI Resource Index
CGI Resource Index: Perl: Editing Web Pages
CGI Resource Index:Programming in Perl
ScriptSearch - CGI Library

C Programming

C Standard Library
C Programming Language

Learn C

Apple Developer Connection


css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design
House of Style


A List Apart
Background sound on web page
COLOURlovers :: Color Trends + Palettes
Dynamic Drive DHTML Scripts
Embedded Media HTML Generator
Embedding QuickTime
Favicons-RAILhead Design
HTML 4.01 Specification-W3
HTML and Perl Primer
O'Reilly: Securing AirPort Extreme Networks with WPA
Scramble email addresses
W3C Markup Validation Service
Web Authoring FAQ
Web Developer Toolkit


Applets by Anfy
Doc Javascript
JavaScript Source
JavaScript Source - "Cut & Paste"
JavaScript Source-Cut & Paste Home
Matt's Script Archive
Text Rollovers: Introduction - Doc JavaScript

Macintosh programming

Open Source Scripting on Mac OS X
O'Reilly Network: Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
ResExcellence-Resource editing


Firewire Internet Sharing
roadcasting (less secure). Control Your Mac from Afar
Macintosh Networking - Introduction
Networking: Mac & PC Overview
Practically Networked Home
Really Useful Page-Web Developer Journal
SSH:Parti 1 - MacDevCenter
Time Machine with USB drive on Airport Extreme
VNC Reverse Servers


Roman Numerals « Python recipes
blish a mapping between integer values and roman numerals, then count how many of each value can fit into the input integer. I use two tuples for the mapping, instead of a dictionary, because I need to go through them sequentially and d

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux


Mac HomeBrew Install via Terminal
Hosts file in Leopard - How to edit
Man pages
Man Pages-Apple list of all commands
Man pages on the web
Mapping URLs to Filesystem Locations - Apache HTTP Server
Unix Basics
Unix Command Line Tutorial
Unix on Mac

Web Authoring

Design for Web

Ask Tog Home Page
Chesser Studios -Graphic Art/Designs design training


CCK - add fields
FCKeditor-Drupal manual
Theme Garden | Drupal 6 Themes

Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets-Guide



XML Tutorial

AnyBrowser Pages
Build a Website in 7 Steps
Color Wizard-for web designers
Embedded Media HTML Generator
Flash websites, free site - Wix
Flash Website Templates, freeware
Grep tutorial
HTML Markup Validation Service
HTML/CSS References-Blooberry
Kompozer tutorial videos
LiveCounter Classic
projectcool media
Server Side Includes (SSI)-BigNoseBird
Site Wizard - All topics of interest
Tribal Trappings-Asian Tribal Art-Good Sales Site
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab
W3C MarkUp Validation Service
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials
Web Authoring FAQ (WDG)
Website Building Tutorial

Web Design

WebSite Management

Free web site
Apache HPP Server documentation
Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2
CSS Validation Service
Nerd Vittles » Internet/Web
Set up Site Server with Jaguar-O'Reilly
Site Self Promotion


Mediawiki - Sandbox
PBWorks-djessup page
TiddlyWiki-non-linear personal web notebook
Wiki site-free-pbwiki
Wikipedia - Sandbox
Wikipedia:Tutorial (Editing)

Apache Web Server setup
Automator Actions - Downloads
Automator: Example Workflows
Blogs, 101-Get Started
DevGuru Home-functions for many languages
FreeBSD Handbook
Qualcomm TheHome VPN
Qualcomm MyVPN
Shell scripts-writing
StyleMaster-html editor
Twitter and WordPress expert - Leslie Kirk


Searching: Info/Maps/Music/People

Startpage Search

Map Sites

Live Local Mapping
Map Point
Maps and Driving Directions-Yahoo
Maps at Google
Rand McNally-Maps, Driving Directions

Music Searches

People Searching

Switchboard Home Page
The Ultimates
Yahoo! People Search Free People Search

Apple - Advanced Search Search Engine Lucille-Blasta
Google Browser Buttons
Google Trends
Kartoo-3D Search Engine
Lexxe Search Engine - search engine
Oingo--Meaning-Based Search
Searchalot - Categorized links
Search Engine Watch-Searching Tips
Search multiple sites
Ultimates-search services

Shareware Files & Updates

BasiliskII-Setting up system 7.5.3
Best Free and Open Source Software
BitTorrent (printer, cdrom, modem, sound, mouse drivers, monitor, etc.)
Firefox: Mac PPC Optimized Builds
Free Downloads Encyclopedia - Softpedia
Hotline and Carracho TrackerTracker
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
Mac Freeware for OS X
MacUpdate-Software Updates-Mac
Mobile Phone Modem scripts Version Downloads
Outlook to Mac
Ram Disk Creator-OS X
Recommended Software
SerialBoxSource-Mininova-BitTorrent source
SofoTex Mac Download-OS X free and shareware
SoundSoftware-Rogue Amoeba
Sweet16 for Mac OS X

Software - Single Products

Adobe Flash Player-version test
AudioBook Builder
BootCD and Pacifist Homepage
Data Rescue for crashed Mac volumes
Disk Recovery-Data Recovery software
eMailman(sm) -- Emailer
eMailman(sm) -- AOL alternatives
Entourage Help Page-Diane Ross

Eudora links

Andrew Starr's Eudora Site
Eudora Scripts
SMTP Relay (Mac)
X-Eudora Settings
X-Eudora-Settings FAQ (Macintosh)


EXCEL- Archives
Excel Tips
Excel tips-Pearson
Excel-VBA addins

File and Photo Recovery-PhhotoRec-TestDisk
FileMaker Pro Open Source Files
Firefox 3 - PDF plugin
Flash Player -archived versions
Fontifier-handwriting font
Freeway - web design
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
GPS software-Mac SimpleGPS
Home design and landscaping
Help file reader - a Mac OS X CHM viewer
IPNet Router-Sustworks

Linux links - Wanna learn linux?

Omnigraffle for Tiger
OMS 2.3.8 for Macintosh
PaperDirect, Inc.
PhotoRec-Fix Hosed camera cards Board sw
PhotoRescue-digital cameras


Photoshop Actions-Digital Deluxe Toolbox
World Within Worlds

REAL Basic Software
SheepShaver-Setup for Mac OS X
Spell Checker


SuperDuper Discussions-update an image
SuperDuper-Shirt Pocket

Take Control of Mac OS X Backups
TestDisk-recover hosed partitinos and disks
WebKit-open source-nightly builds
Zip Files PC users can understand


Convert Appleworks docs
Abandoning Appleworks - page 1
Photoshop Tips


iMovie tutorials

Apple - Support - iDVD
iMovie: Create a Movie


Action Fx Photoshop Actions Resources
Adobe Photoshop Basics -Online Class
Computer Arts Online: Photoshop, etc.
CS2 Photoshop Tutorials-Deke McClelland
Curves Introduction
Designs By Mark-Photoshop HowTos
Digital Dog-Photoshop Training
Digital Mastery: Ultimate Photoshop
Extract function-Photoshop
Fire Technique-Photoshop
GaryBallard Web Site Design
GoldText - EZ
Hand-Coloring B&W Photos
HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography links
Masks Are Easy: Production Graphics
OZONE-Amazing Photoshop site
Photoshop & ImageReady Websites
Photoshop Basics - Free Online Class
Photoshop--Flag in the Wind
Photoshop Restoration & Retouching
Photoshop-SueOakes rollovers
Photoshop Layers: Production Graphics-Wendy Peck
Photoshop links-Ninis World
Photoshop Text Effects-tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials-Basics
Planet Photoshop
Playing With Fire
Russell Brown-7 Tutorials
Russell Brown's homepage
Shangara Singh web site-links to blog etc.
Tips - Ben's Extra-Strength Tips
Transparent GIF creating
Using the History Brush The one stop webmaster resource!
World Within Worlds

Animation Tutorials - GrafX Design
Art Tutorials - Orion Netlinks
Excel tutorials and lessons
Hands-On Training by DocOzone
KompoZer - Tutorial
LanguageCourses-Pimsleur - online training
Mac 101
Macinstruct: Free Mac Tutorials & Support to script
MacWindows Tutorials
NCSA-HTML primer
Photo Based Art and Other Photo Fun
Playing With Fire-Dreamweaver Tutor
Resolution explanation
Roxio-Transfer LPs and Cassettes to CD
Scanning tips - Basics 101
SQLCourse - Interactive Online Training
Total Training
Video-DVD conversion
VTC-Online software tutorials


Botswana 2016 - Shared Photos
Travel Blog - world-wide B&Bs
Airbnb for silver surfers with space to spare
Intervac Home Exchange
Women Adventure Travel-AdventuresInGoodCompany-Diane Eicher
Overseas Adventure Travel
Ireland 2015 - YouTube - Leigh
Athlone - The Bastion B+B
Weather forecast - Ireland
Archived books
Air B and B - personal travel

Phoning internationally cheap

Pay as you go sim with data Wiki
France SIM Card - Global Roaming International SIM Cards
10-10 phone rates-compare

Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel
Belize pix-Flickr
Best Fares Discount Travel
City Search
Computer Help for World Travelers
Expats in Panama
Expedia Travel
Help for World Travelers Discount airfare, hotel reservations, car rentals, vacation packages and cruises
Julian - Orchard Hill Country Inn B&B
Kayak-Cheap Airfare & Discount Travel Deals
Lonely Planet
Microsoft Expedia Travel
Orbitz: Airline Tickets, Travel Deals
Practical Nomad - Name Your Own Price
Road Runner Dial Access
Slow Travel-Vacation rentals
Travel Clothing - Travel Gear
VacationsToGo-Roman-Discount Cruises

Drop Basket

Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine
Tips for getting the most out of OS X Yosemite | Cult of Mac